The Return

Posted: January 14, 2009

 I just wanted to put a blanket thank you out to all of you who participated in this over the weekend. This was a really cool way to connect. We were definitely paying attention and felt the energy. I will continue to keep you all updated on Shrinebuilder as we move through the mixing process. 

 Neurosis is writing new material right now, but its very unlikely that we will be in the studio before this winter. We will be performing in Atlanta on February 28 at the Scion Rock Fest
 I am completing songs for a new solo acoustic album and will hit the studio for that within the next 2 months. I will be performing solo in Atlanta on the 27th of February at The Icehouse East. I originally was going to call the new record “We Burn Through The Night”(there is a song called that) at this point I’m not sure, I will wait for a sign…
 As most of you know I also do a weekly radio show on a website that my friend Christopher Moeschl and me started 4 years ago, here is this weeks show if you’re interested.