The Landscape of Return and the New Kingdom.

Posted: March 20, 2011

Picking up where I left off, we had 2 great shows in France.1 on a boat in Lyon(that’s 2 boats in 1 tour) and 1 at a really cool spot in Montpelier called Inglorious Bar, the true south of France absolutely beautiful scenery and horrible fucking roads. After that we went into Spain, first stop was a tattoo appointment with Jondix( it far exceeded my expectations. His artwork and rendering of my idea was perfect, but what a great guy. We listened to Jimi for 5 hours while the torture was executed perfectly. All of the Spanish shows were good in general. The turnouts were low, but to be expected in a country where there’s 23% unemployment. The people were fantastic and the landscape was the best I have ever witnessed. If you can imagine everything that is good about the land in California and the Northwest with castles and Roman ruins thrown in then you have an idea of the countryside in Spain is like. It was the cleanest country I have ever been in as well. Portugal gave us the 2 most well attended shows of this part of the tour and in fact the most respectful crowd I have ever played too(NYC it would have been you except for the cinder block guy).With about 3 days left in the tour we hit the southern most tip of Europe and we were able to see Africa(Morocco to be exact) it was an incredible moment for me, very hard to describe but alot of emotions stirred in me. I need to go there.

As I prepared to return home the news about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan begin crossing the wire. I had Melvins and High on Fire in Tokyo so we stood by waiting for conformation of everyones safety and whereabouts. These guys had just been in Christchurch when that quake hit so the PTSD is starting to become a reality.
I have to say that the images that the TV showed me in those days where overwhelming, they left me in ill humor to those who chose to not accept them and aknowledge them for what they were.Pure Tragedy.

Before I go I must share some thoughts on Jon “Bones” Jones, the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.He is Bruce Fucking Lee.He is Muhammad Ali.He Is Babe Ruth.He is 23 years old.I have never in my life seen a guy with so much fluidity,grace,and vision also be so ruthless, and destructive. He is the future of the sport that is the future sport of the world. You will all know him. He will revolutionize the entire game and rewrite every book before its over. And hes not even trying, its completely unconscious.

I am home now and getting my shit back together at work.It feels good to be home.Really good.