The 5 Degrees of Vendetta

Posted: January 9, 2009

“You just made the list buddy”- Francis “Psycho” Sawyer 

  The grudgeist piece got me thinking about my “list”, my tower of vendetta, my wish list for bad tidings or people that I have a deep, deep distaste for . 
 As I began going through them I realized that there was great variance in the severity of the grudge going anywhere from “Just Want to Talk”(JWT) which would be someone, for example, someone who had ripped me off for a decent amount of money 20 years ago in which case my anger has dissipated and I just need to know why and get the money from them, to “Sworn and Eternal Enemy”(SEE) which would be someone who was a rapist of some sort. In between all of that I found that there was more that I will list for you now from the just below SEE we have “Dead To Me”(DTM), pretty self explanatory, this would be someone who was very close to me who has done something that is absolutely inexcusable. My up close and personal favorite “Punch You in The Fucking Face”(PYFF) in this case you have misstepped or possibly misspoken most likely about people that I hold close to my heart at which point direct action becomes necessary PYFF would also include close friends who have turned into bitches. And finally just above JWT in The 5 Degrees of Vendetta would be “Just Fuck You”(JFY) again self explanatory but this would be someone who has exhausted my patience with constant and consistent lying or fuckery. Allright so, here’s my list feel free to comment and leave your own in some cases (most) I have not used the real name to protect my self from potential legalities.

Victor Hayden
The Commandant

Whatever the fuck your name is 
The Lost Simpson
Mr. Big Butt

The Douchebag


Louis(the one and only)

 I feel better now. I reserve the right to adjust this list at anytime. Onward to the studio to record the SHRINEBUILDER record check back in awhile and there will be an update.