SHRINEBUILDER 1/9/09 2:23pm

Posted: January 9, 2009

 Allright here we go…  Last night we played together as a full band for the first time, there was immediate thunder. The truth was revealed within seconds. 

 We are presently setting up at West Beach Recorders(which is directly next door to the Museum Of Death) and beginning to check the drums. Our engineer Toshi is a very nice man, who can a make theramin out of a children’s toy(literally). Al’s bass tone is unbelievably rich he’s running a ‘ 72 Sunn Model T with a Sunn 2×15 and ’69 Gretch 2x 12 combo. Wino and I having been running down tweaker street stories and discovered that both of us, in the depths, have rifled through a bums shopping cart to steal his wares. Wino was markedly more successful then mine as he found a hunting knife where as I discovered a coffee can full of bum shit. Dale and I have discovered a common love of America’s favorite pastime, baseball, and very different perspectives to one the people on my vendetta list(I have since modified their ranking).