SHRINEBUILDER 1/10/09 11:56pm

Posted: January 9, 2009

 11 hours down and we are cooking over half of the songs are down with basic tracks. I’m going to get out of the way so you can here from the rest of the guys.

Wino here. First in our humble world,to me it is a supreme honor to be able to make music with folks of this caliber,Think about it  jamming with Al{Sleep,Om} Dale{Melvins,Altamont},and Scott Kelly {Neurosis} my new soul brother.If you thought I had some crazy stories…….Tomorrow with fresh ears and minds we will record SCIENCE OF ANGER my new ode to life,WINO 

Al here: Amazing productive day. We completed the basic tracks for three songs. Spirits and energy are all happy. Toshi nailed the bass sound providing mitten.-Al

Hello Shriners,  We’re excited for everyone to hear what we’re doing. So far it’s turning out great. We’ll report again tomorrow. -Dale