Posted: December 15, 2008

 I have misgivings about starting down the road that I did with Hard Times. Chapter 1. My first reflection was that leaving it hanging with the “what lurks behind the door” thing was tired and lame. I still agree with that thought, it was. My next feeling had to do with the story itself. It is a true story, a memory from days that I wish were far from me but I know are one step away at all times forever. Telling stories about my times on the street and my drug days is dicey at best. All of the people that I ran with at that time are dead or M.I.A. I have had to remove myself from the struggles of those years as much as I can and sometimes I feel that telling you a war story about me and +++++ +++ is bullshit because in the end I wasn’t able to be there for him. It’s a treacherous place to walk for me….. my mind that is.