Posted: April 2, 2009

 I used to think that pride was necessary in all moments of my life. It was the foundation of many of my thoughts and movements in my life. I now realize how much it has stunted my evolution as a man. 

 The things that I end up fighting over will inevitably run over the things that I need to be fighting through when my pride becomes wounded. 

 I am on the beginning of this realization. I have seen through myself and what I see is fragile.

 I can become what I need to be only by evolving and getting past the small, scared, lonely kid in the corner that I used to be. My pride becomes tied up in the smallest most insignificant moments. I have created a line within myself that no one else could possibly know, and when the line is crossed I react in a pride filled hurtful way. My capacity to hurt appears endless within the limits of what I perceive through my pride. The pride fuels my rage and my rage knows no bounds. I am trying to leave so much of what I have become behind. I’m trying to bring this thing in me to where I want it to be, not where it feels comfortable nesting in my head.