Jack Rose.

Posted: December 8, 2009

The passing of Jack Rose over the weekend shook me up pretty good. I did not know or ever have the honor of meeting him, but I wish I had. I wasn’t even aware of his music until a friend of mine gave me a LP of his about 3 years ago. He had a sound that was so instantly resonant in your soul that I understood immediately why my friend had thought to turn me onto it. His sound was not one that I would have had the patience for in my younger days but after running through it all and delving into Robert Johnson, John Fahey and everything in between my mind was ready for Jack Rose. His subtle dark tint was the thing that made his music so close to my heart.

His music will know doubt get a lot more attention with his passing and that is a good thing.

I sincerely wish his Family the best, 38 is a very unexpected time to go.