Full Moon

Posted: April 17, 2012

I felt the full moon running me down last week. I can’t tell you many nights I’ve spent in my life screaming into the abyss only to look up and see the full moon bearing down on my soul. I don’t know anything about lunar cycles or astrology per say, I just know that I’m as gemini as it gets especially when the moon is full.
I find myself on the eve of yet another trek through the old world, the land of where my blood traveled alone. I always look forward to reconnecting with Europe. If the gods are good to me I will be able to visit Russia for the first time, i look forward to this so much. Something that as a child was impossibly beyond the reaches of my imagination. I will also have the opportunity to bring my new songs and a couple older ones as well. I hope to see all of you there. Stay clear of werewolves…