Close the door behind you.

Posted: January 26, 2009

  Mining music from space is what I do best. Sometimes space is NASA sometimes space is just simply space. Opening the door to allow the music in can be dangerous, it is something that I have had to learn the hard way. When you trust in your ability to handle the input you have to be prepared to fight the demons that get in with it. I know that my ghosted mind needs very little to go off the rails. When I’m standing in the doorway I am particularly susceptible. Put it like this, I am a filter and therefore I catch anything that comes through at that moment. I have to clean my mind every time I use it like this. I have remnants littered throughout my psyche. If I’m not diligent and respectful of this process then I am left with a chaotic pattern resonating in my mind. The result is rarely positive. Mining mind my blind eye I find… design. 

 The design is throughout it all. The design is what we have and nothing else. The design leads us, through the path of the design to the heart of the design, where we will submit to the will of the design. The design is what we will find when we open the door to see what’s inside.