Check In Europe April 23, 2012

Posted: April 23, 2012

Everytime I come back to Europe I am first reminded of how much easier it is to exist as a fringe artist in this part of the world. Not only do the people in general have a deeper education and appreciation of art but the support that comes from the elders of the society here is something that is nothing if not completely honorable. The shows in France were great. Very receptive and open crowds, the traditionally amazing and clean French food, and nice and hospitable places to sleep. I am a very lucky man, to get the opportunity to experience all that world of Europe has to offer and I know it and I respect it.
I had the pleasure of doing a show with my old friend and co conspirator Eugene S. Robinson in Paris. If you don’t know who Eugene is do me a favor and look him up, singer, writer, fucker, fighter, father, and an all round damn good guy he never disappoints me with his amazing wit and observations of the world that surrounds us. I also shared the stage in Paris and Lille with Kenneth Thomas, director of the movie “Blood,Sweat,&Vinyl”, a documentary shot between 2005 and 2010 centering around 3 independent record labels, one of which I am part owner of, Neurot, Hydrahead, and Constellation. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants a look inside of the running of an indy label. The inner workings of which I don’t believe have ever been brought to light really in anyway at all.
I will check back in with you all soon as events unfold. Russia…I am coming.Visa has been secured. I can not fucking wait.