Snowed In.

Posted: February 10, 2010

I’m not really here. I’m just checking in. Other things are holding my interest and time right now. I am focused very inward. When the mood strikes me I will write more and answer some questions. Europe was very illuminating for me. I am glad to be home in the safety and comfort of the trees and my family.


Posted: January 1, 2010

First off just in case your wondering there isn’t a “.2″ posting. I don’t promote that number, its a superstition of sorts, kinda like how some buildings don’t declare a 13th Floor. I’ll do 13 all day, but not 2. Anyway back to the subject at hand, answering some of your questions from the What Do You Want From Me Posting.

From THE SOUND OF AN EARNEST MIND came these questions,

Q: How do you pursue the often intimidating task of making the music you hear inside become an actual song?

A: Patience is the primary tool as far as that goes. But songs come to me in many different forms so there is no set pattern to it. If I can feel it but I can’t touch it immediately then I wait until it’s ready to show itself and then take it.

Q: Do you feel alone, even when you’re with friends or family, too?

A: Sure, sometimes. I spent most of my childhood alone so its a big part of who I am at my core. I have no problem with it.

From TROY came a in depth description of a Neurosis show in Flint, Michigan from probably 1996 or 97. If you want the whole story from his perspective then check the comments from the original post.

First off Troy thanks for your kind words and thanks for being at The Capital Theatre that was awile back, it was a very memorable show for many reasons. The opening band was called Crosseyed Mary and they had 2 kickdrums attached end to end, the one and only time we have ever seen that. Also that place was haunted as fuck, we ended up loading out at about 4am in the midst of Downtown Flint Hip Hop violence and driving to Kalamazoo where I had a .357 put to my head by a very deranged gangster on not enough crack. Never underestimate the power of poverty and drugs people. On to the show in question…

From what I have gathered from the guys in my band who have good memories and from what has jarred loose from my own I have this for you. When we arrived at the gig everything was not ready as in the stage wasn’t even finished being built. There seemed to be no one who knew how to do it properly so we ended grabbing hammers and finishing it ourselves. You have to understand that when we show up to play we aren’t fucking around in the slightest and any promoter who decides to do a show with us should be able to glean that from our contract and our technical rider, this guy didn’t take it seriously and in the end it seems that he paid for it.

No one has an recollection about the skateboarders, but I can tell you that my guess is that at that point of the day it had become an aggravation and a distraction. Its hard to imagine a falling skateboard could hurt our gear, except the keyboard rig. I’m sure that at least 2 of us where on that ramp earlier in the day, as a band our relationship to skating has always been one of respect. And its something that most of us do or have done.

Now the one thing that I do remember about this night was how it ended( I’m a little cloudy on it but roughly this is it). The promoter didn’t have the guarantee, this is never a good thing and in our days on the road the only time we didn’t get paid our guarantee was the first time it happened on our first tour, we made a choice that that wouldn’t happen again. So when this guy said he couldn’t pay us I made sure that he did, I’m sure that there was a fair amount of yelling and threats. I do know that in the end I made him call his Mom and get the money.

Its not pretty I know but its the truth.

If the day hadn’t been so fucked from the start things might have ended on a softer note. We have walked away from shows without the guarantee with an understanding and a promise that the check would be in the mail from promoters who we know and trust. This guy didn’t fit that bill. I honestly hope that he is doing better mentally now and I don’t know how this caused it all to cave in for him. I did hear that story about him being in a Mental Hospital, probably from Austin I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t the guy who I made call his Mom, its all a blur kids…a grey shrouded blur.


Posted: December 20, 2009

This is in response to “What Do You Want From Me ?” I’ll try to answer a few of your questions today.

There was Moz who inquired about my day job. I am currently a sound board operator at a repertory theatre company, it’s without a doubt the best job I’ve ever had. The reality of being on your own at 15 and touring and raising a Family from the 18 onward guarantees that I have had no opportunity for education or formal training. I have always done either psychical labor or silk screen printing.

Avishkar inquired about why Neurosis insisted on the air conditioning being turned off in Haarlem, Holland last year. Avishkar, that is a request that we make in every venue, it is a personal request of mine. I can’t explain it an any sort of logical way, but the reality of it is that I cannot stand air conditioning when performing in Neurosis, it didn’t bother in Shrinebuilder. In my solo gigs I don’t like it because it fucks up your vocal chords. I can’t stand the feeling of it on me in Neurosis gigs it drives me to a bad place.
Alex asked me what my favorite Neurosis record is. Simple…Given To The Rising. I always like the latest creation that we do. If we didn’t like each record we do more then the ones previous we wouldn’t be putting out records anymore. I think thats a universal feeling with most artists. I do hold a special place in my heart for the Jarboe record and Through Silver In Blood. Overall I am proud of everything we have done musically.

Ok more next time. Troy you left the most in depth comment and I am doing some investigation on your questions I want to get it all straight for you.

What Do You want From Me?

Posted: December 16, 2009

I’m serious. Tell me.

What do you want to know?

Jack Rose.

Posted: December 8, 2009

The passing of Jack Rose over the weekend shook me up pretty good. I did not know or ever have the honor of meeting him, but I wish I had. I wasn’t even aware of his music until a friend of mine gave me a LP of his about 3 years ago. He had a sound that was so instantly resonant in your soul that I understood immediately why my friend had thought to turn me onto it. His sound was not one that I would have had the patience for in my younger days but after running through it all and delving into Robert Johnson, John Fahey and everything in between my mind was ready for Jack Rose. His subtle dark tint was the thing that made his music so close to my heart.

His music will know doubt get a lot more attention with his passing and that is a good thing.

I sincerely wish his Family the best, 38 is a very unexpected time to go.
Scott Kelly. Solo. Europe. 2010

Posted: November 28, 2009

I’m doing acoustic and electric, new, old, obscure originals, and covers. I hope to see you there if your life is on this side of the world.


Presented by Visions, Metal Hammer, Legacy, Fuze

14.01.10 Germany Dortmund @ Paulus Kirche
15.01.10 Belgium Antwerp @ Bar Mondial
16.01.10 UK London @ South Of The Border
17.01.10 Greece Athens @ MoBetter Club
18.01.10 Netherlands Den Haag @ Paard van Troje
19.01.10 France Paris @ Glazert
20.01.10 France Colmar @ Musee Du Jouet
21.01.10 Switzerland Martigny @ Les Caves du Manoir
22.01.10 Italy Genova @ Teatro Carignano
23.01.10 Italy Rome @ Blackout Club
24.01.10 Italy Ravenna @ Bronson Club
25.01.10 Austria Wien @ WUK
26.01.10 Slovakia Trnava @ Galeria Jana Koniarka
27.01.10 Czech Rep Tocnik @ Old Castle
28.01.10 Germany Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
29.01.10 Germany Leipzig @ UT Connewitz
30.01.10 Germany Iserlohn @ Dechenhoehle


Posted: November 25, 2009

I haven’t figured out how to do a more regular check in from the road yet. I intended to write in here during the Shrinebuilder travels, but it just didn’t happen. I have enlisted my good friend Ansgar who will be traveling with me in Europe on my solo tour in January to be the task master and help me develop the discipline necessary to do this in the way that I envision it. Stand by for more info on that.

My head has been leveling out somewhat, not with out a lot of work, and I am hopeful that the result will be a better ability to express myself. My original intention of with this blog was to practice writing my life history. The more band related update shit and all that came along later and I have been struggling to find a balance that makes sense to my often cluttered and weary mind.

If you have the day off fucking enjoy it, and take some time to pay respect to the Native Americans who gave their lives for the dirt that we call home.
The Viper Room. Los Angeles. November 11, 2009

Posted: November 12, 2009

We played the set twice it was great. The people that came out were exactly who we had hoped would come out, fucking die hards.

Our guy Eddie Solis(It’s Casual) put this gig together for us and I can’t speak high enough about the guy, he is true blue and he literally lives for music. The Viper Room it’s self and the staff that run it couldn’t have been cooler, it was the perfect venue for this show.
The experience will be easier to digest in a week or a month then right now, but the feeling of all this work and dedication finally taking form in a live setting is really overwhelming.

We leave for Baltimore in 6 hours.

Posted: November 1, 2009

The initial gigs are in our midst.

Nov.11 in Hollywood, Ca. @ The Viper Room(we will play 2 sets with no support band, our intention is to stretch it out a little bit and see where we are at before we head out on the road.)

Nov.13 in Baltimore, Md. @ Club Sonar supported by U.S. Christmas and Earthride

Nov.14 in Chicago @ The Empty Bottle 2 sets(they will clear the club between shows and recharge at the door) support for the early show is Yakuza and for the late show Rwake.

Nov.15 in New York City @ Le Poisson Rouge supported by Rwake and Liturgy

Nov.16 in Austin, Tx. @ Emos(outdoor) supported by Sub Oslo

I will be checking in as we prepare and while we are on the road. See you out there.


Posted: September 19, 2009

I have had an ongoing debate with a friend of mine over the last 5 or so years about the first 4 Metallica albums, as to which 3 are the ones to run up the flag poll. I have been holding the line with 1,2, and 3 while he has been pushing for 2,3, and 4. Anyone who wants argue for anything beyond those 4 records is a complete ass and needs to purge themselves from this life immediately.

So there is no argument over 2 and 3. We agree they are the 2 best albums ever made by Metallica. I also think that we can agree that of those 2 ‘Master Of Puppets’ is the one, the pinnacle, the crowning glory of there musical exploration in total.

What we are left with is a debate on Cliff Burton’s influence on the band and whether actually physically having him playing the music is more effective then the band realling in the wake of his death.
Before I go any further and before people start commenting on how much they have fallen, let me say, that in my opinion they get an eternal pass. The music created on those 4 albums is beyond reproach and since none of us have any idea the horrors that befell them as human beings after his extremely violent death, we can not judge how we would have handled it.
As I said before I have been of the 1.2.3. school for sometime and I think on re listening I can tell you why first of all there a couple crystallizing pinnacle moments on that first record particularly the bass solo(…take 1) and the chugaluga breakdown mid way through 4 Horsemen(which will never be beat in my book for simplicity and dynamic impact). The overall effect of the downstroke guitar playing of Hetfield is revolutionary and a lesson that I took to heart. Now as I stand here now I am caught in a wash of memories as I re listen to these 4 records, and I must say that most of them have to do with drugs. Some of them do not…I remember sheepishly selling bootleg Metallica demos in the parking lot of Arco Arena in Sacramento with none other then Steve Von Till, Doug Dirt(Oakland celebrity), our friend from Canada Jim(who went on to join The Exploited at some point). Have you heard the demo? The one with Dave Mustaine on it? It is great, but is hilarious lyrically and at times vocally. Anyway…I digress.
The primary issue that I have always had with 4. is that the production is horrific(although after listening to 30 seconds of St. Anger perspective is achieved, 4. ain’t that bad in fact it has a certain charm kinda like a hospital cafeteria) and the album led to the mainstream breakthrough and then led to the obvious downturn and emotional vacuum that brought us the 5th album and all the subsequent attempts. Upon my re listening I am struck with the depth of 4. The songs are raw and the emotions are on crushing. There are beautiful juxtapositional moments and devastating riffs abound. 4. is something to be hold it is and will always be the last breath that Clifford Lee Burton had creatively in this band. Although I’m sure that his shadow is still within there reach, I have always thought that space that he filled within them as people was a hole that could never be touched again.

Let the discussion begin…1. or 4.?