Between The Eyes

Posted: December 2, 2008

 At this moment in time, 3:59 am PST December 2, 2008, I am obsessed with a song that I am trying to free from my head. I had it perfectly about 36 hours ago but didn’t record the idea so I have lost a part of it. I should have known better, I have lost so many little pieces of songs over the years. To my ear the subtlest shifts are the keys to the song, a slight adjustment of cadence here, a slight tempo decrease there, this is what I have misplaced over the last hours.

 … I am listening to It’s Casual “The New Los Angeles”and Avsa “What You Don’t Know Is Frontier” in a tight obsessive rotation.
… I have learned to respect Oscar De La Hoya over the recent years but I really hope Manny Pacquio cleans his clock. This will be a great fight.
… This week I will move my family for the 3rd time in 18 months.
… I am currently writing music for a as of yet untitled new Neurosis record as well as a new solo acoustic record entitled “We Burn Through The Night”, the Shrinebuilder record is written and will be recorded in January. 
… 3 is always the right number.

 I would love to see a perfect storm that bring us all to the resonant tone. The great leveler. The greying of it all.