Posted: March 14, 2009

  Checking in. Checking out. I’m in between the realms of reality. I’m still missing a few important pieces to the puzzle that I threw against the wall a few weeks ago… A few months ago… A few years ago… Over and over again. 

 I’m trying to stop dieing. Inside and out. I am tired of death. 

 I realize that my path has and been and will continue to be wrought with treacherous experience and the weight of many more then I would think I could hold.

 But I can hold them. I can hold it all. I have no choice. By definition it is who I am.

 I love to express myself in as pure a way as possible. This is why I love to fight. This is why I love to bleed. This is why I am able to survive on the inside, while everything else falls apart. 

 I know that I do hold this experience in solitude.
 I know that there are many more of us out there. 
 I know that most of you don’t understand, and I hope that you never do. 
 But for those of us who are in it…thanks for checking in.