Posted: December 20, 2009

This is in response to “What Do You Want From Me ?” I’ll try to answer a few of your questions today.

There was Moz who inquired about my day job. I am currently a sound board operator at a repertory theatre company, it’s without a doubt the best job I’ve ever had. The reality of being on your own at 15 and touring and raising a Family from the 18 onward guarantees that I have had no opportunity for education or formal training. I have always done either psychical labor or silk screen printing.

Avishkar inquired about why Neurosis insisted on the air conditioning being turned off in Haarlem, Holland last year. Avishkar, that is a request that we make in every venue, it is a personal request of mine. I can’t explain it an any sort of logical way, but the reality of it is that I cannot stand air conditioning when performing in Neurosis, it didn’t bother in Shrinebuilder. In my solo gigs I don’t like it because it fucks up your vocal chords. I can’t stand the feeling of it on me in Neurosis gigs it drives me to a bad place.
Alex asked me what my favorite Neurosis record is. Simple…Given To The Rising. I always like the latest creation that we do. If we didn’t like each record we do more then the ones previous we wouldn’t be putting out records anymore. I think thats a universal feeling with most artists. I do hold a special place in my heart for the Jarboe record and Through Silver In Blood. Overall I am proud of everything we have done musically.

Ok more next time. Troy you left the most in depth comment and I am doing some investigation on your questions I want to get it all straight for you.